Tuesday, 30 June 2020

New Zealand Sea Creature Presentation

New Zealand Report Sting Ray

New Zealand  Report  Stingray
Where  can you find my sea animal?
You can find them in north island ,
And South Island .

Southern stingrays have flat,
Diamond -shaped  bodies  with,
Indistinct heads,They are Gray,
To dark brown in colour, with pale,
Bellies male southern, rays are 2-3,
Feet across.

Stingray’s Live in dark seas or dark oceans.

Stingrays, eat every little animal that,
Comes around it .
Interesting facts?
Stingrays are closely related to sharks,
Stingrays eat mussels clams and shrimp.

Google it  the book is right here

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

ki o rahi

On Monday we played ki o rahi after morning tea .  the couch was Shanice
It was fun because the rule was interesting and the game was interesting and
The Next Game was more fun because we splitted into   teams we got the 
Best group because they were fast Enough to catch them and after that 
I won because I catched 91 students in one round after that she told me to come to her and she said to me if I win again I get a treat from her  and we hard the bell ring then she said if 
We wanted to help her and we all wanted to help and after that we were saying by  
And we had Lunch.

Wednesday, 26 February 2020


Malo e lelei,
My name is Lose I attend St Pius x catholic school. I am a year 4 my teacher's name is Mr Gaffeney, I am a full Tongan and my favourite subject is R.E also I love to come to school because of my learning and cause I get to play my favourite sport which is doge ball with my firends. This year means a lot because I get to move up stairs and have class with the seniors and learn different subjects with them. Also this year it is my first year using Net-books and I can't wait learn more about it this year.

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